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Kinesiology Frankfurt or the muscle reflex test as a biofeedback method


The muscle reflex test as a biofeedback method is a central component of my therapies. I would like to explain it in more detail below:



A reflex is an involuntary response of a body system to an internal or external stimulus. These stimulus responses cannot be consciously controlled in congenital reflexes and are controlled by the neural system (brain, spinal cord, and peripheral supply).

Known reflexes are: The eyelid reflex, when something flies in the eye. The gag reflex, if something gets stuck in our throat. The vomiting reflex, when we ate something corrupted. The patellar tendon reflex on the knee, which is triggered when we stumble, so we make a lunge and do not fall.  

Your doctor may have already tested this reflex, which can also be triggered by a blow on the patellar tendon below the kneecap, causing the angled leg to stretch.


Biofeedback means that biological events, for which we lack sensory organs, are measured and reported back to us using a measuring method and / or measuring instrument.
Either just to know the actual measure or, ideally, to change it to be beneficial to us.

Where is biofeedback used?

It is used with blood pressure and pulse,  brainwaves,  skin resistance,  muscle potentials,  Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The HRV has long been used in elite sports and can indicate whether an athlete is in overtraining, or whether a workout was optimal. HRV biofeedback is used to reduce stress. Brainwaves Biofeedback can be used to enter a relaxed state, which may be indicated by the increased presence of so-called theta brainwaves. The simplest biofeeback is to measure the pulse and then follow training to lower the pulse rate; suitable are e.g. Meditation or certain breathing exercises.


Biofeedback with the muscle reflex test.

In this form of kinesiology, one uses the reflex of a large body muscle on internal images or substances applied to the body. If you measure muscle potentials with a measuring instrument, you can show that every negative thought causes a reflex-like tension of certain muscle groups and changes the muscle potential accordingly.

Positive thoughts relax the muscle, neutral thoughts have no effect. Environmental toxins for example cause the muscle to contract and accordingly change the muscle potential. Vitamin C, on the other hand, relaxes the muscle without us being able to consciously intervene there.

In order not to rely on measuring instruments, Kinesiology directly tests the effects of emotions and substances on the body on a large body muscle. These may be the thigh muscle or the upper arm muscles. Even without a measuring device it is now possible to make statements about whether certain emotions or substances reflexively tense or relax the body.

The muscle becomes stiff and tense or relaxes and gives way. From our own experience, we know that a full bath in the bathtub relaxes our muscles reflexively - without us having to do something about it. When we are under stress and e.g. having a quarrel with our partner, we know that we are anything but relaxed, but even when we do not want to, are reflexively tense.

Other examples include a cool breeze on the nape of the neck that makes us involuntarily shrug our shoulders or even falling asleep, where we enter a relaxed state without having to tell our body directly.


Just like that, in kinesiology the muscle test works as a biofeedback device to find harmful and positive substances / influences / emotions / beliefs / programs in the subconscious.

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